Covid 19 Projects

When Covid 19 pandemic hit the world, we reached out to the charities that we had previously supported and offered further help. We also made donations to The British Red Cross.  

UK Projects

4 Portswood Place,
SW15 4ED

Our initial response to the challenges caused by the pandemic was to contact and offer additional support to those charities we already support. We were pleased to hear about and support the initiative by Regenerate who organised a group of young people to undertake a fundraising cycle ride for their new mobile coffee business / mentoring scheme

In addition we were please to support Wimbledon Guild with a donation to their hardship fund.

The COVID 19 pandemic forced schools to make greater use of online teaching resources to ensure that children continued to learn from home. It also highlighted a significant number of children who did not have access to a laptop, tablet or internet at home. Without a device and internet access, they would have fallen  behind their peers in terms of learning. They would also struggle to stay in contact with their friends.

The Keep Kids Connected initiative had a clear goal – to get the children in south-west London connected so they could keep up with their learning and in touch with their friends. The charity delivered over 300 laptops and tablets. Most were donated devices that have been securely erased and refurbished by volunteer IT specialists. Business’s and charities were encouraged to support the programme by purchasing new devices.

The Generations foundation were pleased to add 56 brand new devices. We were attracted to this initiative as it not only met a very urgent need but will transform many children’s lives both during this pandemic, but also long after it has passed.

Overseas Projects

J Watumull Global Hospital
Delwara rd, Mount Abu,
Rajasthan 307501,

Established in 1991 The hospital provides healthcare for all irrespective of social or economic background. In addition it offers excellent teaching and research facilities.

India faced a huge task in dealing with Corona Virus, having supported this hospital previously we were pleased to provide support to help them maintain essential health services throughout this challenging time.

Global Hospital stands out from other hospitals because it is committed to deliver healthcare to all, irrespective of the patient’s economic or social standing. In over 30 years, no patient has ever been turned away for want of money to pay his or her bill.