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Welcome to the Generations Foundation

At Generations Foundation, we don’t just talk about making a difference. We work to make our contribution. By identifying and responding to real needs with practical solutions and resources, we aim to support efforts in providing a better quality for life for children who need it – including those who are disabled, disadvantaged or struggle with ill health.

Set up by the Finch family in 2005, Generations supports numerous local causes in the Borough of Merton, where the family lives. But our contribution stretches much further than that. We also support projects in developing countries ranging from India and Sri Lanka to Romania, Madagascar and Paraguay. In addition, we support projects for environmental protection and conservation for future generations.

Bob Finch and Rohini Finch, who fund the Foundation, are Trustees together with Stephen Finch.

The Foundation is registered with the Charity Commission – No 1110565

Projects That Matter

Should charity begin at home? Undoubtedly. But we don’t believe it should stay there – or that it should be confined to an overly narrow range of issues.

That’s why the projects we support span several continents and make a difference to children in an ever-growing variety of ways.

Here in the UK, for example, we are helping to give young people opportunities to improve their prospects through skills training and community engagement.

But that’s just the start.

Through our funding support, we are also working to improve teenage mental health, reduce gang membership, give young people access to role models and help families in need of support, friendship and practical help.

And we’re delivering results overseas, too. We’ve built a school for blind and disabled children in Gujarat, for instance, and are helping extremely poor in Ghana to fulfil their true potential through sport and education. And, as you will discover, we support additional projects in countries as varied as Sri Lanka, Haiti, Libya, Romania, Madagascar and Paraguay.

It’s all part of our determination to support efforts in changing young lives for the better – and to do it respectfully, ethically and as effectively as possible.

UK Projects

Overseas Projects

The Values That Drive Us

Respecting the individual

We respect people for who they are. That means focusing on their individual needs and strengths.

Child, Family & Community-Centred

We identify the needs of the child and their family, actively working with the wider community to deliver solutions that make a difference.

Building for the future

We are determined to support efforts to address social and economic inequality in ways that empower children, create resilient communities and leave a legacy for future generations.

Charity Commission Number – 1110565


Telephone: 07977773365